In recovery area

  • After your surgery, you will be moved to the recovery area where you will be closely monitored until you are ready to go home.
  • When you are fully awake, your family will be able to join you.

It is normal to fell discomfort in the area of your surgery. You may also experience some drowsiness or dizziness, depending on the type of anesthesia you received.

Going Home

The average length of stay following surgery is two hours, but this may be much shorter for children or adults who have brief procedures.

Also, for the first 24 hours after surgery, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and:

  • Do not stay alone.
  • Do not operate an automobile or other power equipment.
  • Do not sign legal documents or make important decisions.
  • Do not care for a dependent person.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take any medication that your doctor didn’t prescribe.

In the event of any difficulty, please contact our facility or your physician’s office. A facility nurse will contact you the day after your procedure to evaluate how you are recovering at home.